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Tape to DVD transfer

Announcing Film Reel to DVD!

Keepsake Creations, L.L.C. is excited to announce we can now offer Film Reel to DVD transfers. Frame by Frame transfers of Regular and Super 8mm films are available. Prices include film repair, film splicing, cleaning and film lubrication.  Bulk rates available.
Call today for a quote!

   Just $12 per tape!


VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Digital 8, Hi 8, or MiniDV

We can fix any broken tape!

    Start dusting off th
e old tapes and start
enjoying them all over again.  Having tapes
transferred is a great way of preserving those

memories forever.  Unfortunately, your

tapes weren’t built to last forever.  Frequent

 viewing, rewinding and fast forwarding can

stretch and damage the tapes. Also, if you’re

like most people, the tapes are
stored in

either an attic or basement where they are
exposed to extreme temperatures and poor

air quality.  This could cause the tape to

become brittle making them almost

unwatchable.  Protect those memories for

generations to come. 

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